Fit Is The Goal

Hi there!
I'm a twenty something just trying to become a thirty something and beyond!
I am a chef by day and a workout machine by night.
I'm interested in all fitblogs on Tumblr, so ask me a question, tell me what you do to keep fit, and if you want me to follow back, just make your last word a fruit!
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So, random post while on my vacation.
Decided that drinking is really just not in my future anymore.

I’m tired and sad and my heart literally aches.

Going to stay up a bit then maybe lay down and try to sleep.

I’m dizzy while sitting and I’m dead sober.
Right now, all I want is a brand new day. Too bad I’m going to sleep through the first half.

Hi guys!

Sorry for the lack of updates, it’s been a bit crazy. 

Big thanks to anothercausefordispute and almondsofjoy for checking up on me, sorry I’m also very bad at replying.

I’m tired and sore and just ready for a vacation…

Which is actually what I’m off to do.
Going on a little 12 day vacation, will try and post something during that time.

Hope you’ve all been well!

Crazy, but I haven’t finished a held book all month. I have had enough time to finish 4 lengthy audio books though.
My body is also taking in water like a camel. I swear I drank at least a gallon and a half today.

So far, the theme of July has been Chris doesn’t get to sleep.

Not all of it has been bad, but a lot of my month has just been spent tired as hell.

I actually crashed hard last night and slept a whole lot, and I’m still feeling like death inside.

I’ll eventually try and make a long post about it, or maybe just a video.

On the bright side, I bought a new tablet after AX and I’ll probably eventually put up a bunch of selfies!
I’m really bad at selfies.

On the bright side, I’ve been working out quite a bit this month and love my strong man log, that thing has been my stress reliever whenever I’ve felt like crap. Just lifting and swinging that 280 lb menace is the best way to let off steam I’ve had in a while.

Try and lift maxes after doing minimal lifting for a week and a half.

I think I pulled a groin muscle a little. I’m a bit shaky all over.
Feels good though. 
And I forgot just how big I get post lifting, it’s kind of fun to see with my new beardless face.

I mean, we could finger the cake if you want to really violate it. Or add… ketchup? Oh that made me sad.

If I make you an ice cream cake and you put ketchup on it, I may have to defriend you.
The idea of ice cream cake with a bottle’s worth of ketchup smothering it kind of made me horribly uneasy.

…and wouldn’t ice cream cake be too…solid to finger? Now I have to make one to test this.

For science, of course.


I would of taken that as eating cake…

Then you, my friend, are a much better person than I.

And on that note, we should totally violate cakes together some day. Ice cream cakes. 

Random fact, first thing I ate today was an ice cream sandwich. Because I’m an adult!

A friend sent me that.

No context, nothing. 

So, I’m trying to figure out, is it a reblog I did on my other tumblr? Is it something I drunkenly said at some point?
What does this mean?

…then I looked at her Facebook and I forgot she was reading a book we had talked of yesterday.

Kids, context matters.

So tired, video update.

15 or so hour day.

I’ve got a good staff under me though, they’ve been chugging along steadily.

Tomorrow, I give them a little more freedom.
But the price is a little more pressure when they are working.
Let’s hope this pays off.