Fit Is The Goal

Hi there!
I'm a twenty something just trying to become a thirty something and beyond!
I am a chef by day and a workout machine by night.
I'm interested in all fitblogs on Tumblr, so ask me a question, tell me what you do to keep fit, and if you want me to follow back, just make your last word a fruit!
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Try and lift maxes after doing minimal lifting for a week and a half.

I think I pulled a groin muscle a little. I’m a bit shaky all over.
Feels good though. 
And I forgot just how big I get post lifting, it’s kind of fun to see with my new beardless face.

I mean, we could finger the cake if you want to really violate it. Or add… ketchup? Oh that made me sad.

If I make you an ice cream cake and you put ketchup on it, I may have to defriend you.
The idea of ice cream cake with a bottle’s worth of ketchup smothering it kind of made me horribly uneasy.

…and wouldn’t ice cream cake be too…solid to finger? Now I have to make one to test this.

For science, of course.


I would of taken that as eating cake…

Then you, my friend, are a much better person than I.

And on that note, we should totally violate cakes together some day. Ice cream cakes. 

Random fact, first thing I ate today was an ice cream sandwich. Because I’m an adult!

A friend sent me that.

No context, nothing. 

So, I’m trying to figure out, is it a reblog I did on my other tumblr? Is it something I drunkenly said at some point?
What does this mean?

…then I looked at her Facebook and I forgot she was reading a book we had talked of yesterday.

Kids, context matters.

So tired, video update.

15 or so hour day.

I’ve got a good staff under me though, they’ve been chugging along steadily.

Tomorrow, I give them a little more freedom.
But the price is a little more pressure when they are working.
Let’s hope this pays off.

I made a video!

Now I need to run off and get food!

Day 0 down.

I’m in a weird room with 6 cots and my laptop is plugged into the ceiling.

What. The. Hell.

Blah, need sleep. Need food. So done with this.

I am horrified to think about how much alcohol that required.

A lot. So much. Way too much.

Oh goodness. So, I got really drunk last night. Blacked out at some point.

I’m OK now, just tired.

Whee, AX, Day 0.

…I’m hungry.