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Hi there!
I'm a twenty something just trying to become a thirty something and beyond!
I am a chef by day and a workout machine by night.
I'm interested in all fitblogs on Tumblr, so ask me a question, tell me what you do to keep fit, and if you want me to follow back, just make your last word a fruit!
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7 miles in 55:22

A little slower than I wish I had done, but given that I had no idea I was going to run this morning, not bad.

Right knee is still a little funny. I need a new pair of Vibrams.

OK, just throwing this out there…

When someone swings by and comes in to my place a half hour before they say they’ll be by, it’s really not my fault when they see me walking from the bathroom to my room in the buff.

thehumantorpedo replied to your post “Not sure if insane or dedicated… I still can’t fully make a fist, but…”


dem-hips replied to your post “Not sure if insane or dedicated… I still can’t fully make a fist, but…”

Kaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii D:

Haha, I love you two. Just wanted to check in before I crash for the night, I’m up a lot later than I expected.
I’m fine. It was fun, and people got hit a lot more than I got hit. A lot more.

Yes, it was dumb. 
Yes, I may be kind of sort of regretting it right now.
But sweet Baby Stig do I feel good right now.

Thank you though, for caring.
I know, I’m a dumb boy who does dumb things. 

Not sure if insane or dedicated…

I still can’t fully make a fist, but I kind of want to go to the boxing club.
Like, right now. 

I just got home from a very, very long day, and I have papers to do and all sorts of other things I have to research and a few e mails I have to send out, but punching something sounds SO good for some reason.

Screw it, going to go punch things.

OK, so my forearms hurt enough that I’m now talking to my computer. I tend to hate doing this only because then I have to listen to me speak my thoughts and then I read while I am talking because I need to make sure it doesn’t say something weird.

So, my forearms hurt enough right now from all the moving stuff, there was a futon that was pretty much the worst of it though the fridge was quite heavy as well, that I can’t make a fist nor can I open my hands fully.
I’m in a perpetual state of claw.
On the bright side, it’s an excuse not to eat anything I have to put much work into, so I decided I’d have a terrible but easy health day of consuming nothing but protein shakes with ice cream in them.
I’m getting a decent balance of most everything I need today and, well, ice cream.

OK, I’ve done all my responsible adult things for the day, I am off to read and consume more shakes. 

I swear I’m not dead…though it really does feel like it. 

Last week, a friend who owns a restaurant had the unfortunate luck of having some of her kitchen staff catch a bug all at once.
So, she called me for a favor, as I worked to take the place of three people.

The first two days of it were fun, my days were very long because of the hours I put in, but her and I make a great team in the kitchen. We’re both chess thinkers, planning 4 steps ahead, juggling a dozen burners at once, mixing sauces, plating and baking, moving inhumanly fast around everywhere and working off one another like we shared a hive mind.

One particular moment that I am quite proud of was during a breakfast rush. I was making an omelet and saw her coming towards me so I yelled to her for a plate and flicked the pan upwards as if I was going to flip the eggs, but I did it with a little more oomph and she caught it in the plate as she moved past me to add hash browns to the plate before sending it out.

Doing this for her along with my normal every day turned my doing stuff hours from a normal 3-4 a day to a 14-16 hours of stuff a day.
Suffice to say, I was beat, so I kind of just stayed away from the computer.

Yesterday, I helped a friend move. After the week I had been through, my body was probably not as ready as it could have been.
I actually had a lot more I wanted to type, but I may end this early just because my forearms hurt while I do this.

So yeah, I’m good now. I mean, I hurt all over, and I’m tired, but I should be back on more often now. 

Ran 5 miles this morning doing it in 36:14.

My left ankle and right knee are being funny. 
Less running…more kickboxing?
That helps the knee, not so sure about the ankle.
Blah. I have things to do today. I’ll think about this later.

Umm. Yeah. Not sure where that came from.

On the fit side, today I raced a few people fireman carrying heavy bags. Legs still work just fine.

surprisingly, I don’t yet have a gif that just says “you’re my favorite” but if I did, I’d use it here!

feed me everything

That looks like the case as it is. I’ve got this moleskin of foods we’re supposed to eat, eventually.

I know you didn’t specifically ask for it, but I want to do this for you as well.

  1. Books. I know we really haven’t had a good book discussion recently, but I still remember pushing The Rithmatist at you and how we both got really excited about all the chalk things was fantastic, and it makes me happy that you appreciated when I throw all the books at you.
  2. You’re just a generally awesome person. You work with the ASL community always has me in awe of you.
  3. Gifs. So many gifs I save up just in case you say something and I can reply in that way. All the little back and forths we’ve had, they always make me happy to look back on. Especially when I can pull things like the Archer one and just stop you cold in your tracks.

I’m just really glad to be your friend.